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Getting Started with Campaign Creation
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      Email Template

      Using Email Templates in the Email Marketing Module
      Designing Emails with Prebuilt Templates

      Creating Custom Templates

      Advanced Customization with HTML


      Email Audience

      Managing Your Audience in the Email Marketing Module
      The "Audience" feature of our Email Marketing Module provides robust tools designed to help you manage your contacts effectively. This guide will walk you through how to create lists, segment your audience, and import contacts using a CSV file.

      Accessing the Audience Section

      Creating and Managing Lists
      Organize contacts into groups to facilitate targeted campaigns.

      Segmentation Options
      Improve engagement rates by addressing specific interests and needs of different audience segments.

      Importing Contacts
        Ensure your CSV file includes essential information such as email addresses.

        Email Discount Code

        Discount Code Management in the Email Marketing Module
        Our Email Marketing Module includes a comprehensive "Discount Code" feature, which allows you to create promotional offers to incentivize purchases and reward your customers. Here’s how you can utilize this feature to set various types of discounts.
        Creating a New Discount Code

        Set Up a New Discount Code:

        Email Settings

        Managing Email Marketing Settings
        Our email marketing module allows you to manage a comprehensive range of settings that enhance your marketing campaigns' effectiveness and ensure compliance with legal standards. Here’s how you can navigate and configure these settings.
        Accessing the Settings Section
        General Settings

        DKIM/SPF Settings

        Email Message

        Creating and Sending Messages in the Email Marketing Module
        The "Message" feature in our Email Marketing Module provides flexible and powerful tools to create and send messages tailored to various marketing needs, such as welcome emails, new product announcements, and special offers. Whether you prefer using pre-made templates or crafting custom designs with HTML, our module accommodates your preferences to enhance your campaign effectiveness.
        Accessing the Message Feature

        Creating a New Message using template

        Creating a New Message  using blocks 

        Creating a New Message using HTML Editor